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The Clay of Ourselves

Collected Poems Volume II

By June Treister

Foreword by Adrian Dannatt

Category : Poetry
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 978-0-9927822-1-4
Size : 143 x 202mm
Pages : 165
with 25 colour illustrations
Publishing date: May 2016
Publisher : Blum Books

The Clay of Ourselves will include a series of drawings made between 2013 and 2015.
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These new poems by June Treister, based on emails sent to her daughter between 2013 and 2015, recount tales of old and new friendships, characters from London's Reform Jewish community, local tap dancing classes and dreams of ghosts...weaving and shifting against a backdrop of WW2 Suffolk, 21st century life in the French Pyrenees and London's current rebuilding frenzy.

The Clay of Ourselves, with a foreword by acclaimed writer Adrian Dannatt, is the second published volume of poetry by June Treister and includes 24 colour plates illustrating recent drawings made in London and the Pyrenees.

June Treister (née June Mary Scott) was born in Ipswich, Suffolk in 1927, daughter of Alice Joyce Lay and Basil Keeble Scott, grocer and provision merchant, whose father was headmaster of Wortham School. Although artistic she was unable to follow art as a career and entered the secretarial profession, first working in the Public Health Department of the East Suffolk County Council and afterwards the HQ of the Eastern Electricity Board. During WWII she was a member of the Girls Nautical Training Corps. In 1951 she moved to London taking a position as secretary to Maksymilian Treister who she later married, working with him as a company director in his electronics firm until their retirement in 2005. She has two children, a daughter Suzanne, an artist and a son Richard, a photographer. She lives in London.

Cover image: Still Life, June Treister, 1942
Back cover image: Axat Wild Boar Still Life, June Treister 2015